We focus on community development & heart transformation.

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Foundation is a ministry in Great Commission Church, San Pedro Sula, designed to help our neighbor in need, leaving in them and their community the testimony of Jesus Christ’s love.

We focus on community development and heart transformation.


In agreement with Great Commission Church, San Pedro Sula’s Vision; to have a community development program in every established church in the Northwestern Region of Honduras to serve as a link between its community and the church.

Community Development Programs

Children’s Development Center (CDI Spanish acronym)


CDI is an after-school program that runs from 12p - 3p. The focus is nutrition skills, improving education (refinement and reinforcement), health and wellness skills, and biblical values.

The specific children who get the opportunity to participate in CDI have either the lowest grades in public school or whose parents may be struggling. The local church leadership and the Foundation build relationships with the public schools' director and teachers in order to begin the CDI program. This program is successful when students are successful in public school, begin to understand the gospel, health and wellness skills, and begin to participate in church. An added bonus comes when mothers of students become active in MOPS and start coming to church with their families.

You can be part of the team by sponsoring a student!


  • La Lima, Cortés

  • Los Cruces, Baracoa, Cortés

  • La Entrada, Copán


  • Step one: email: fundaciongrancomisioninfo@gmail.com with your interest in sponsoring a student.

  • Step two: Choose your student to sponsor

    *Remember your sponsorship supports the CDI program as a whole where your student attends to run in excellence, not your specific child.

  • Step three: Start your donation of $55 monthly or $660 annually.

  • Step four: Put together a sponsor gift and send it to your child.

Sponsor a CDI Student!

Donations can be made via check or online payment.

Set up your $55 a month or $660 annually donation (link in button below).

Medical Clinic Dr. Lul Janania

The Medical Clinic Dra Lul Janania is located in Los Cruces, Baracoa, Cortés, Honduras.


At the clinic patients receive medical attention at an affordable rate of 80 lempiras ($3.26) per visit. Medicine(s) are given according to the needs of each patient free of charge. The clinic is operated by qualified personnel to perform specific roles such as; a General Physician, a Certified Nurse, an Administrative Assistant, a Clinic Administrator, and Evangelism Volunteers.


The short-term goals are; to provide exceptional health care services, at a minimal cost, to reach people with the gospel of grace, and to provide medical care to people with diabetes and hypertension.

The long-term goals are; to contribute to the community development and spiritual growth of the rural communities in the area, and to educate about the importance of health and wellness skills and preventative care. Our hope is to walk alongside our patients in their physical and spiritual health.

Join the Story

by donating to the operational fund of the Medical Clinic Dr. Lul Janania.

Donations can be made via check or online payment.

Our drop down is called: Los Cruces Medical Clinic Dr. Lul Janania

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